Before Endodontic Treatment

This procedure will be performed using local anesthesia. There are usually no restrictions after the procedure concerning driving or returning to work.

Before Endodontic Treatment

We want you to be comfortable during the treatment. Each procedure starts with local anesthesia. With no sedation, there's no need for a driver. Patients are fine to drive home, to work, or anywhere else they need to go following the appointment.

However, patients who are sensitive to pain or experience high anxiety and panic attacks may request additional care during dental procedures. Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and oral sedation are available to relax the patient prior to the root canal, retreatment, or surgery. Following treatment, another responsible person must be available to drive, or other arrangements must be made. Patients can't operate a motor vehicle or heavy machinery until the next day.

Don't stop taking blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid, or other prescription medications before the procedure. For questions, contact our office at 317-846-4980.

Please eat a full breakfast or lunch as applicable.

Eat a full breakfast or lunch, whichever comes first before your appointment. Eating and drinking will be limited for a few hours after your treatment.

For patients requiring antibiotic premedication for heart conditions or artificial hips, knee, or other prostheses, please advise the office before your appointment, and take the medication on the day of your treatment.

Although it's not required, you can take ibuprofen or naproxen sodium to reduce inflammation. For the best results, take two tablets two to four hours before endodontic therapy.

For questions about preparing for your endodontic treatment, contact our office at 317-846-4980.

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