Home Care Instructions

Your tooth and surrounding gum tissue may be slightly tender for several days as a result of manipulation during treatment and previous condition of your tooth.

Home Care Instructions

We do a lot of work along your gum line and inside your tooth during root canal therapy. It's not uncommon for the tooth and gum tissue surrounding the area to be inflamed and sore for a few days following the procedure. To avoid further discomfort, don't chew on the side of your mouth where the root canal was performed. The area only has a temporary cover. You need to protect it until you see your regular dentist for a crown or similar cap. Don't skip regular hygiene during this time. Use simple over-the-counter NSAIDs, such as ibuprofen, naproxen sodium, aspirin, or acetaminophen as needed for pain.

For safety reasons, avoid alcohol with these pain relievers. However, if the discomfort worsens and NSAIDs don't reduce pain, contact the office immediately.

We have an after-hours answering service. Call day or night for severe pain or swelling.

For questions about your home care instructions, contact our office at 317-846-4980.

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